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So, you bought that leading edge
digital slr camera you'd been promising yourself.

Now what are you going to do?

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Click for one of those wierd little shots that catch us all out from time to time!

It's got fuji digital camera

  • Auto-focus
  • 8 million pixels
  • 200mm zoom lens
  • 4x digital zoom

and lots more good stuff.

You've now got a hard disk full of digital photographs of

  • Your wife
  • the kids
  • the dogdigital dog photography
  • the kids next door
  • everyone at last weekend's barbie
  • you've e-mailed a few to your brother on the other side of the world
  • you've even tried it as a web-cam
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So, Now What?

Don't let it just sit there gathering dust just because the battery ran flat.

Now listen closely...

Now's the time to put that digital camera to some real work and maybe even get some of your money back!

Yes! Really! Make some cash with the thing.....earn digital cash money

Pull up a chair and hear me out ...

because I've got a heap of ideas that anyone can do with a digital slr camera or digital compact camera that will genuinely make money.
Perhaps they won't make you a millionaire by next month, but

  • they are not hard
  • they are enjoyable
  • your digital photography skills will improve dramatically
  • and you will make some money along the way

You don't need to be a highly skilled pro photographer. As long as you can use that digital camera (or even a decent 35mm film camera) and can use, or are prepared to learn to use, some sell photographsgraphics software to add some fancy little money making touches to your photographs, then you know enough to get started earning cash from your digital camera, whether it's a digital slr or even digital compact camera.

If you stick with it, the fact that you will be regularly using your camera will help to improve your photography and money making skills as you go along. And remember, as you will be using a digital camera, there are no costs involved. You're not buying film and your not paying for processing.

digital camera money

So, what's this guy talking about?

Well, before I tell you how to get the goods on a dozen different ways of making that digital camera pay for itself.......

I'm going to show you, right now, one of the ideas I have been using to turn one of my weekend hobbies into a nice little money spinner. It's not making me rich, but it is making regular extra cash.

I simply hadn't realised it, but for years I had been spending weekends indulging in something that had intrerested me since my childhood, and taking lots of photographs that other folks might just have been interested in buying. All I had to do was come up with a novel (in fact, not really so novel) way of packaging them that would make them interesting and worth a little bit of someone's spare cash.

I bet almost everyone has some kind of hobby or interest that takes up at least some of their spare time, and I bet you take photographs, either digital photographs or 35mm. It could be something you do at home, such as

  • growing exotic plants
  • keeping tropical fishtropical fish photography
  • building model railroads
  • collecting almost anything

or perhaps you head outdoors at the weekend

  • attending local athletics meetings
  • watching some kind of motor sports
  • taking the kids fishing

It could be almost anything. Just remember that whatever hobbies or interests you have, there are likely to be thousands of others with those same interests. If you can come up with an interesting way to package or present your digital photographs you'll probably find an eager audience with some cash to spare.

Everybody spends money on their hobbies.

digital camera money

So, what did he do?

I couldn't believe I had missed this from your camera
I could have kicked myself for not spotting this years ago!

I had been following motor sports since I was a kid but it was only a few months ago, when a friend of mine decided to go motorcycle racing again after a lengthy layoff, that it occured to me.

My friend decided to build himself a classic racing motorcycle so that he could compete in the same type of events he had raced in his younger days.

This is what he built.

manx norton classic motorcycle

That bike is an exact replica of a 1962 500cc Manx Norton.

I spent many of my weekends over the last couple of years pushing and polishing that bike at cicuits all around the country. And taking photographs.

So, how can you make money out of that, you ask.

Well, what I did was:

  • take a handful of the digital photographs I had taken of that bike,
  • grab a piece of free software off the web,
  • put the two together and

~ shazam! ~

out popped a screen saver!

Stick it on ebay and maybe put up a simple little mini-site and you'd be amazed at how many people just drool over Manx Nortons!

digital camera money

There is a huge market for screen savers of all types. How many have you installed on your machine? How many have your friends or work colleagues installed on their machines?

The secret ingredient here is to choose a subject that fits into that holy grail of internet marketing, a niche market. And let's face it, most hobbies are niche markets of some sort.

If your hobby is building model railroads, don't you think you could sell a few screen savers of, say, a particular range of locos? Do you perhaps have a collection of locos and rolling stock that might photograph well enough to produce a screen saver?

Perhaps you could take some digital photographs of maybe a local rail yard or lineside furnishings like signals and signs. Remember, you don't need that many, they just need to be interesting to other rail hobbyists.

Are you a fishing nut? Take some digital photographs of your collection of flies and lures.

Do you enjoy gardening and horticulture?

Do you collect teddy bears or teapots?

No matter how far out or whacky your hobby, there is bound to be more folks than you imagine with similar interests out there, and screen savers are real easy to produce, and I'll show you exactly how to do it.

digital camera money

And Don't Forget the Free Advertising Opportunities

Even if you're not sure about selling screensavers, they can be used as a very good advertising tool.

Create a saver with examples of your work, make sure your name and url appear on each page and give them away. Offer them as a download from your web site and include one with every order you deliver. If you make it attractive and not too obviously an advert people will use it and you will get more work.

How about offering to provide such advertising screensavers to local businesses? If it works for you it will work for them.

Even if you have to sell the first couple for very little just to get them out there, put them on the client's web site and keep an eye on the number of downloads. If you make their links work via an ad tracking utility you will also be able to see how many clicks they generate.

Evidence like this will make it easier to sell the next one.

digital camera money

First of all, why not grab a no-charge copy of my Manx Norton screen saver yourself so that you can see exactly what we're talking about?

I'll send you:-

  • a copy of the screen saver
  • complete details of how I built it
  • the name of the free/lo-cost software I used and where to get it
  • an occasional e-mail with details of other money-spinning digital photo ideas
    along with details about how I am getting on with them

Don't worry, I promise not to give your details to anyone and I won't spam you!

First Name :
Last Name :
e-mail :

Please remember that free e-mail suppliers like Hotmail, Yahoo etc. have pretty vicious spam catchers. If you use one of these, please check your 'Junk' folder in case we get zapped!

digital camera money

Now, I said earlier that there were lots of ways to make some money from your
digital camera.

If you filled in the little form above and got hold of the goodies I promised, I'll also send an occasional e-mail with other great ideas for you to try. In the mean time, if you want a dozen more excellent ideas right now, take a look at this:-

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